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Posted on 2005.10.03 at 12:54
Current Mood: goodgood
Current Music: Daniel Powter - Bad Day
So I've been really bad about the whole updating thing, and I think I'll always be really bad at the whole updating thing! I just don't know when and when not to update it...oh well...

I'm really only doing this for a few things...1st off...I've already had a hell week seeing that I had 3 tests in one week. Thankfully though I got an 89 on my STATS test...who by the way...found out like just last week that Jen Smith is in my class...never knew...got an A on my ANT 312 Test and I got a 30/30 on my Physics test...which is by far the one I thought I would get ALL wrong!!

I've actually been kind of mean to one of my friends lately that calls to hang out and I just keep telling him that I'm too busy to do anything...which is some sense is very true...because I'm beyond busy and tired lately...but it's also because it's still weird hanging out with him after all of our drama in high school...but oh well...I called him to see if he wanted to hang out tonight before my week goes from okay to hell in 2.5 seconds!

but the best news I got was that I'm going to be an AUNT!! woo hoo...lol...as long as it's not me having the kid...I'm good! It's actually not my sister either...but it's my cousin Ashley, who since we're all so close will just have a baby that will be like my little niece or nephew...dont' know which yet...she has her next doctors appointment on Wednesday...should be some fun times...and some odd times...she's strong though...I know she can do it!

umm...what else.??? oh....like my best friend is now off and away in Ireland doing her Grad schooling at Trinity College...such a good school...and such a great country...wish I could be there instead of stuck at SU where I'm killing myself senior year taking 19 fricken credits!! ahh!!

oh well...that's what I get for doing what I'vebeen doing for the last 3 years!!

I think that's all...

gotta go get some lunch before I have to head off to SOC 400 where I have my nice 6 page paper due!!

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